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Inside Web Lab Issue 9.0 February 22, 2000 This month's really weird search engine term that popped up in our site stats: Annette Funnicello*


Meeting of the Minds
The Results are In!
Community of Practice Update
Be a Web Lab Intern!
*That's not how you spell Funicello!
========================= Meeting of the Minds Web Lab Advisory Board members convened last month in NYC to discuss a number of projects we've got in the hopper. Among these are plans to license our small group dialogue software to businesses, strategies for moving Web Lab into broadband content production, and a proposed intensive workshop for filmmakers addressing digital production, broadband, and interactivity. The meeting was incredibly productive, with lots of ideas generated, and as we firm up plans around each of these projects, we'll post information to our Web site, and here in the newsletter. ========================= The Results are In We've mentioned in past newsletters the evaluation of the Reality Check small group dialogues, which was funded by the MacArthur Foundation and the Markle Foundation. That report is finally complete, and it offers some amazing findings. (Findings interesting enough to warrant an article this week in Wired!) We wanted to share what we've learned, so we've posted excerpts of the almost 400 page report on our site. These are the most digestible and interesting portions, so please feel free to drop by and review it yourself. Read the press release: Review the report: Read what Wired had to say:,1284,34448,00.html ========================= Community of Practice Update We have a match! The first initiative of Web Lab's Community of Practice, which seeks to pair organizations in need with Web volunteers, is seeing some results. Among a handful of matches made in only the second call for volunteers is the adoption of the Samveda Training & Research Centre, an NGO based in India that works with learning disabled children, by Adrienne Lamberti's Professional Communications class at Iowa State University. The students will be helping the Centre to develop a proposal for technology funding. Web Lab is planning to expand the Community of Practice further this year. We'll keep you posted on new programs and developments. To learn more: ========================= Sightings Marc Weiss, Web Lab's fearless leader, made it into the Silicon Alley 100 for the second year in a row, and we're still beaming. Marc was one of only a handful of not-for-profiteers in this listing of influential Alley executives. Look for the Sargent Pepper styled cover in your in-box, or see the write up on our site: We continue to be amazed by the broad appeal of NeedCom, a Web Development Fund site which provokes visitors to examine their feelings about panhandling and panhandlers. NeedCom has been covered by, USA Today, and the Boston Globe, and last month, "this strange site" made it into a certain (ahem) gentlemen's (ahem) lifestyle magazine under the heading "Because sometimes even free porn gets boring." We can't decide if we're appalled or flattered. Drop by NeedCom today at: ========================= Be a Web Lab Intern! While the dog days of summer may seem a long way off, the whatever-animal-they-are days of spring are just around the corner, and Web Lab's hiring for both seasons. We still have room available for at least one intern for the spring semester, and we are accepting applications for summer interns. For a complete job description, visit: ========================= That's not how you spell Funicello! Maybe not, but somebody out there spelled it that way in a Yahoo! search, and they landed on the Web Lab homepage! Go on, guess which page was listed… If you have other feedback about the newsletter (outside of spelling errors and American icons), please drop us a line and tell us about it. We 'd love to know just what you'd like to see more of. Here are some ideas to get you started: __ thoughts on wider Web issues __ stuff we think is funny __ news in the industry __ limericks! __ letters from readers __ other: _____________ __ none of the above. Please stick to the sober, contemplative commentary we've come to expect from the 'bLab. =========================
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