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Inside Web Lab Issue 7.0 Special Holiday Issue! December 9, l999
Our Slogan of the Month: Web Lab: Making a list and checking it twice! + + + + CONTENTS
NeedCom Holiday Buzz Give (to us) and Receive! Give (to others) and Receive! Y2K-1 Wrap-up Quick Note from the Editor Happy Holidays!! + + + + NeedCom Holiday Buzz My sister told me about a boy in her 7th grade class who was selling newspapers on Christmas. A guy in a pickup truck came by and gave him a $100 bill for all his papers and told him to go on home. The season seems to bring it out in people. But what about panhandlers? Do you suppose around this time of the year anyone drops a $100 bill in the cup? That's the question behind our current PR push for NeedCom. A Web Lab project in association with PBS ONLINE, NeedCom offers visitors an experience with 'real' panhandlers and gives them the chance to compare their responses to that of other visitors to the site. Presented as "Market Research for Panhandlers", NeedCom provides a provocative, complex and engaging experience which explores the personal strategies we unconsciously employ in dealing with panhandlers. Tell a friend about NeedCom today. Better yet, tell a reporter friend about NeedCom today! Visit NeedCom: Complete Press Information: + + + + Give (to us) and Receive! Web Lab would like to announce our first shameless plug for donations! In this e-commerce season (and all year round) you can visit us online and make a donation. What a great (and tax deductible!) way to support meaningful content on the Web. You can make a one time donation from your credit card or checking account, or keep that good feeling all year round by becoming a Web Lab sponsor and authorizing a monthly charge to your credit card. And if you're looking for that perfect gift, remember that making a donation to Web Lab in someone else's name is a great way to tell a loved one you're forward thinking and community minded, and that you think they are too! (Choice of gift wrap and signature card included.) Donate online: + + + + Give (to others) and Receive! What have you done for the Web lately? Many of our newsletter subscribers are online developers and producers who remember the spirit of '95, but who find themselves today churning out e-commerce site after e-commerce site. At the same time, Web Lab gets requests from people and organizations all around the globe asking for assistance with worthwhile projects, the kind of projects that won't make any money, but that just might make the Web a better place. So we thought we might try playing matchmaker. But first, we'd like to do a little fact finding. We want to know if there's anyone out there who'd actually consider donating their time and talents to a worthy cause. We've set up a couple of pages where you can express your interest, and even choose what kind of cause is close to your heart. You don't have to commit to anything, we're just trying to get a feel for whether we can make this fly. The matchmaker idea is a first tentative step in a larger project centered around building a "Community of Practice", a support system for people interested in making the Web a better place. We're still in the preliminary planning stages, so we're counting on you to help us get headed in the right direction. Take a look and let us know what you think! + + + + Y2K-1 Wrap-up Y2K-1 is our clever shorthand for 1999. We don't really expect it to catch on though, as we thought of it a little late, but we had plenty of other successes this year. We bragged about them in our last newsletter, so we won't get into it again here, but we will catch you up: We had our first Web Lab Advisory Board Meeting on November 19th in New York City. We had some great discussions about what Web Lab can become, and we must say, it was inspiring! We're also continuing discussions with Community Wealth Ventures and are beginning to identify some profit making ventures that are still consistent with the Web Lab mission, but that will give us a revenue boost so that we can tackle even more ambitious projects in the future. At the head of our list is a consortium that would provide an investment base for a for-profit incubator that would nurture new ideas and bring them to market. We've got a few more opportunities on the table, and we'll keep you updated as they start to take shape. + + + + || Quick Note from the Editor || Hi, I'm Laura Kertz, associate producer here at Web Lab. I joined the 'bLab this summer, and after ghost writing "Inside Web Lab" for a couple of months, we're ready to call me the editor and to give you an address where you can send comments, complaints, suggestions, and honest to goodness letters to the editor. Here you go: + + + + Happy Holidays!! Everyone at Web Lab wishes you and yours a very happy holiday. Whatever you're celebrating, we hope it's fantastic, and we hope you're warm. We'll be out of the office December 27 to Jan 3, so we'll have to postpone all of the Y2K "I told you so's" until then. See ya next century! (Yeah, we know it doesn't start until 2001, but hey, at least we didn't say millennium!) + + + +
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