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Inside Web Lab Issue 8.0 December 44, 1999 + + + + CONTENTS Vague Accolades In the News Matchmaker Web Lab Picks Can't Get Enough of us? + + + + Vague Accolades VAGUEpolitix was named a Yahoo site of the year! The blurb calls it "raw and exciting", and we couldn't agree more. To celebrate, the crew at Vague has added a slew of new content, so drop by today for some of that "information you need" with all that "attitude you crave!" VAGUEpolitix: More Yahoo picks: + + + + In the News NeedCom was featured in a front page article on last month. This great piece, and a flurry of other stories, including one in USA Today, drove traffic to the site throughout the holidays. To date, more that 19,000 people have completed the panhandler survey. Have you? Visit NeedCom: We also made it into the Washington Post Magazine on December 19th, albeit through a little lucky product placement. The article featured Community Wealth Ventures, the consulting group that has been helping Web Lab identify new revenue opportunities. If you squint a little at one of the photos, you can just make out the Web Lab logo on a stack of papers strewn on a desk. Subtle, eh? + + + + Matchmaker Last month's announcement of Web Lab's Community of Practice initiative was met with a generous response. Many of you took a minute to tell us you'd like to pitch in, and then told your friends about it as well. We'd like to keep this buzzing, so if you know of any organizations in need of Web assistance, send them our way (well, to the URL below), and we'll try to match them up with a volunteer. + + + + Web Lab Picks Most Inscrutable Search Engine Results We got a visitor to our Web Lab site last month whose referring URL threw us for a loop. The URL? An Alta Vista search on "first gynecological exam". We scratched our heads a bit at first, but finally found the phrase on a lower level page. There's a free Web Lab speculum in it for the first five readers who can find it too. Best Y2K Aversion Plan Y2K came and went without a hitch for the Republic National Bank on Broadway here in NYC. Their ingenious plan to sidestep date confusion is simple: eliminate the 2000 rollover by staying in 1999 and just counting up from December 31. No kidding. See for yourself: + + + + Can't Get Enough of us? For those of you who just can't wait till December 63rd for another installment of Inside Web Lab, we announce the Inside Web Lab archives! Yes now you and your friends can comb through back issues and get a taste of pre-millennial 'Blab. Inside Web Lab archives:
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