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Yahoo! Internet Life, March 19, 1998
The Web Gets Its Edge Back, with a Little Help from PBS, by John Motavalli
As stories proliferate online about the death of Web content as we know it, a lonely voice has arisen saying that the Web needs more edgy material, not less. Is he nuts? We think not, and thankfully he's got some influential people behind him...
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Wired News, October 6, 1997
PBS Pushes Fusion of TV, Net, by Austin Bunn
This fall, public broadcasting systems are flashing back to 1973, when a crew of goofball pre-teens in rugby shirts pogo-sticked their way onto the airways. Zoom - the acneed answer to Romper Room - proved to be one of the first experiments in viewer-driven content, founded on the "Zoomdo" - a dare mailed in by one of the millions of viewers. Can five people stand on a beach ball at once? How do you make a movie with a shoe box? But now public stations are leveling their own dare: Will community-owned TV be the first to "get" interactive technologies, long before its elder, and richer, network siblings?...
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@NY, October 3, 1997
P.O.V. Opens Door to New Schemes for Content
New York is filled with talented people with a dollar and a dream. But it takes more than the sum of those assets to build a successful Web site, engage an audience, and take it to market. Venture funding in this town goes to two things only: community marketing schemes and technology, never to original content. So what do you do if you have a wonderful idea using the powers of the Web to tell a story in this town?...
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Cybertimes - The New York Times, October 2, 1997
New Grants to Finance Sites That Embrace Points of View, by Lisa Napoli
The creator of the acclaimed P.O.V. documentary series and PBS, the network that carries the series, have created a grants program to finance new Web sites that mix innovation with social conscience. The grants of up to $50,000 each, to be issued by a newly formed agency known as the Web Development Fund, are believed to be the first created specifically to encourage design innovation and social and political objectives in programming developed for the World Wide Web...
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NEWS.com - C|NET, October 2, 1997
New fund boosts Web designers, by Stephanie Miles
Independent Web designers looking for help in launching sites have a new place to turn: the Web Development Fund (WDF). The fund, sponsored by WebLab, in conjunction with PBS Online, will underwrite independent Web projects that bring a fresh perspective to either a private or a public issue...
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