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San Jose Mercury News, May 25, 1999
Working stiffs, unite
The Working Stiff site is part advice, part entertainment -- and full of attitude. You'd better click on it while you can; this six-month project of the Web Development Fund and PBS Online has come to an end, but the site managers have promised to keep the pages live for a while. So you can still check out "Kickin' Brass" for tips on how to get what you want out of your boss and peek into the employment worlds of others via "Workplace Diaries." There's also a "Stress-O-Meter" quiz and an Action Guide for when you're done griping and want to take action.
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eBLAST: Encyclopędia Britannica's Internet Guide, September 7, 1998
Site of the Week: Working Stiff, by Jo Rosenbohm
Excerpt: Really, I love my job. In fact, it was my boss who insisted that I visit Working Stiff, a site whose motto "Work. Bitch. Act." does not describe my things-to-do list one single bit. Besides its feature articles, the site's main attraction is "Workplace Diaries," tales from the fluorescent-lit battlefields around the country. Whether your boss is watching your every move or your paycheck is suspiciously smaller than expected, you can submit your work woes to "Free Advice" for an expert opinion or to "Speak Up" for anecdotal guidance. Working Stiff takes your complaints seriously and urges the same from you--providing resources, organizations, and advocacy groups so that you can take control of your situation, however overwhelming. What a great boss I have to point me toward Working Stiff...   (full article available upon request)
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San Jose Mercury News, September 6, 1998
Digital world has changed the nature of work, by David Plotnikoff
Working Stiff, at http://www.pbs.org/weblab/workingstiff, is far and away the best-of-breed site. The 3-month-old magazine-style production, under the auspices of PBS Online, is anchored by two workers' journals. The personal accounts rotate each month, and I have yet to find one that didn't prove to be a fasinating read. Working Stiff isn't a literary journal for blue-collar poets. And it isn't a platform for unhappy workers who wish to curse blindly at anyone who remotely resembles management. It's a sleek, professionally-designed site with a very strong pro-labor, activist agenda. Beyond the diaries you'll find feature articles on workplace issues, discussion boards, an advice column, a job-stress test and a set of links to other work-related sites.
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@NY, August 21, 1998
Web Lab Sites Produce Extra-Corporate Content, by Pamela Parker
On the Working Stiff site, a woman shares her frustrations with customer service work at a mail-order clothing maker, where she had recently received a meager pay raise. "To add injury to insult my boss calls me into the office to tell me she'd monitored my last 5 phone calls"...
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Seattle Times, August 16, 1998
Web site review: "Working Stiff"
As a mass medium, the Web is inherently democratic. Sure, there are the slick, smartly produced sites that smack of elitism and corporate wealth. But, for the most part, the Web gives voice to many who ordinarily are embedded in the woodwork of everyday life. In this paradigm, "Working Stiff" is the kind of site that gives the Web its democratic character...
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TV Guide, July 18-24, 1998
The Web Page: Sitelines
PBS Online has launched what it describes as the anti-Dilbert site. Dubbed Working Stiffs (www.pbs.org/weblab/workingstiff), it provides rank-and-filers a forum for advice on everything from office romance to surviving a downsizing.
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Akron Beacon Journal, July 6, 1998
Working folks find Web site for them, by Glenn Gamboa (this page archived on weblab.org)
There's plenty of help out there for management. Attend a seminar here. Read a book there. Swim with the sharks. But Jennifer Vogel always wondered about the regular folks, the "working stiffs," the people being managed. Where do they go for information? To whom do they turn for help?...
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Newsweek, June 29, 1998
Cyberscope: Relief for the Weary
When the boss acts more like Big Brother, it's time to log on to Working Stiff (www.pbs.org/weblab/workingstiff). That's where workers of the world can gripe and unite on everything including the trend toward hidden cameras in the office and computer-station monitoring. Funded by PBS, the site's an edgy resource for anyone under The Man's thumb. Link to union sites, ask a labor prof how to steer clear of working "off the clock" or use the Stress-O-Meter to find out how close you are to burnout.
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