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What have you done for the Web lately?

Here at Web Lab we get a lot of mail. Some of the most enthusiastic messages are from old-school digerati, folks who remember the spirit of '95 and are looking for ways to keep it alive.

Some of the more urgent messages we get are from people and organizations asking for assistance with worthwhile projects, the kind of projects that won't make any money, but that just might make the Web a better place.

Please note: This project of the Community of Practice initiative has been discontinued. For current details on the Community of Practice, please click here.

Since Web Lab can't possibly handle all of these petitions, we thought it might be wise to try to pair up these two communities. We took a stab at playing matchmaker for a couple of months (with a few truly heart-warming successes), but along the way found out that there are already a number of Web volunteer programs out there that are more specific and automated than ours was ever going to be.

So for those of you who are looking to roll your sleeves up and pitch in on the project of a Better Web for All, we direct you to a list of Web Volunteer Resources. For any non profit looking for a little help, we suggest you check out those volunteer links as well as a more complete list of non profit resources we compiled.

This matchmaker idea was a first tentative step in a larger project centered around building a Community of Practice, a support system for people interested in making the Web a better place. We are now exploring some more ambitious components of the larger Community of Practice, and we'd love to hear what you think.

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