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Adoption: A Gathering

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Darren Korn and Suki Jones, co-creators of Adoption: A Gathering, applied for the Web Development Fund on a whim. While developing a film that told tales of adoption, they had the idea of a web site to collect these stories and put together a proposal on the Web Lab site. When awakened on the West Coast by Web Lab to learn that their proposal had been accepted, Jones said, "This is the best news I have ever gotten at 6:30 in the morning".

Adoption: A Gathering will provide a meeting place where those touched by adoption can speak their minds and turn to each other as guides. While most resources only focus on one aspect of the adoption triad - birthfamily, adoptive family, adoptee - this site will further communication across this triad, helping to bridge the silence and create a community of support, understanding, questioning, and seeking.

Darren's work in disseminating information for environmental organizations and Suki's work as a media artist, as well as her life experience as an adoptee, shape their work on this site which promises to both build on the strengths of digital communication and further the conversation amongst the adoption community.

"This project will strengthen the adoption community and assist in the healing of those struggling with it on their own," said Jones. "It simply would not happen without Web Lab's support."

Full Description | Team Biographies

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